On the 3rd of October we celebrated The European Day of Languages by attending a meeting called „No need to fear no career” lead by a couple who live very interesting lifes – Kyle and Ola.

Kyle comes from Boston, America while Ola is polish. They met at an international camp in the USA. We were told interwining stories, which were both of their journeys into adulthood. Both of them took very unconventional paths, Ola tried going to the university but it didn’t work for her. She traveled to a few places around the world both alone and with her family, while she was still at the university she worked as a flight attendant which also allowed her to discover new interesting places. Kyle however did not go to college, he went for a hike. As silly as that might sound it turned out to be lifechanging for him, he walked for 5 months and 2 weeks, it was his first hike and also his first trip away from home. He also took part in many activities such as building tree houses or even selling christmas trees.

By telling their life stories they showed us that there isn’t only one way to live life. You don’t have to go straight from highschool to college even if that’s what’s expected from you. I mean how are you supposed to know what to do for the rest of your life at the age of 18? This thought can be extremely stressful but these people are living proofs that it’s never too late to change your mind. They also touched on, in my opinion, a quite important subject which is taking a gap year. It’s a very good way to have some time to figure out what to do next and get to know yourself better. Another thing they said is that while they enjoy living from adventure to adventure and focusing on the present, they don’t neglect their future and are always planning their next move. They do think they might settle down on a career in the future.

I think everyone could see that the presentation was very helpful to the students. A few people said that they were thinking of taking a gap year but weren’t too sure how to break it to their parents and the couple gave them a few tips on how to make the proccess easier, while others were intrigued with their travels. The whole meeting was overall a very positive experience and left me feeling more at ease about my own future.

Oliwia Parzyńska